Best Quietest Portable Air Conditioner | Ultra Silent AC | 2020

It’s literally like to be on the cloud-nine situation if you’re enjoying your summers while sitting in front of an ultimate best portable air conditioner. Umm, let’s imagine it blistering heat or intense humid outside, but you are having a chill and dry environment inside your room. Admittedly, it’s like walking on air. What if your PAC unit generates an annoying compressor or fan sound or has a high noise level? You should pity your ears. Making things more light and smooth, below are some best quietest portable air conditioners principally picked for your cause and purpose.

In our last discussion, while covering the smallest portable air conditioner buying factors, the Noise level was one of the twists, which you should look before you leap. The noise level of a PAC unit is measured in Decibel (dB) and can be unearthed in its specs area. Lots of misconceptions and myths hover this Noise Level Topic. Let’s bust these insecurities today by some reality or fact checks.

Myths are Bad for Good Picks:

All Portable ACs are Quieter: Not really, have you seen all fingers having the same length? Nothing comes in this world with paragon but occurs with a purpose. Consequently, some units are useful dehumidifiers, some hold exceptional chilling abilities, and some give you the performance with the lowest cry. Eventually, you have to study the elements according to your purpose.

Big AC unit Product More Noise: Who says this, Bud? A big unit is capable of dealing with the heated environment more efficiently so it can be a sweet cream on your ear – but watch out for electricity bills. Factually, the low-end budgeted or cheap models usually make a sound as they are being packed with less power, small motor unit, and fan. They need a higher rotation of fan to chill around the stuff – thus, a perfect noisy storm.

Any Portable AC will be a fit for your room: This is the elephant in the room like scenario. Every model is designed for a diverse environment scenario and room size. Firstly, you have to choose a unit that should create symmetry with your room size. Logically, a big room size with a smaller AC unit will produce a mess that you won’t want to bear in any situation, and it will have a snowball effect. Be choosy when it comes to your room size.

Decibel Ratings are accurate: You are dealing in an electronics world where the likelihood of error also has its existence. The decibel ratings are an estimate of most narrow execution, while again, it depends on environment scenario and other circumstances. A machine is just a machine, and you can’t force it to work on the mentioned matrices. Many factors or conditions affect the working of these electronic units.

These were some myths or misconceptions that one can have in his/her mind. Meanwhile, making a purchase choice while having these kinds of illusions in your account can surely make your money or investment go down in flames.


Best Quietest Portable Air Conditioner

For your convenience, listing out one by one the top 10 noiseless portable air conditioners below;

1. SHINCO SPF2 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner:

Well, let’s start the listing with this 8000 BTU model that has gathered so much fame in a much shorter time due to its size and performance. Straightly talking about the noise level – 52dB is the rating that you can encounter in normal-dry warm weather. The maximum fan speed inflates the noise to 56 or max 57dB in most humid and warm climates.

Factually, with its 2-speed fan, you can undergo max 57dB of sound, which is not annoying at all. Though, when the compressor kicks off, it becomes noisy. Yet after settling the temperature of the room, the fan gets to relax, and things get softer.

This model also includes the sleep mode that tenders this SPF2 8000 BTU unit into your buying consideration.

Momentarily, when it comes to coverage, this model was launched to battle the warmth in an area of 200 -350sqft. Nevertheless, real-time scenarios and environmental conditions suggest it’s an optimal pick of 200 to 250sqft. Supposing it to work on 300 or more larger areas may lead to having a negative perception about it. Luckily, the fan speed blows a healthy air that cools down the small bedroom, office cabin, kids study, and bedroom in minimal time.

In the trial of its league opponents, it also comes with a built-in humidifier. Surprisingly, being an 8000 BTU model, humidifier becomes tough on moist weather conditions while extracting 60pints/day of condensed water with the self-evaporative feature. Hence, are you looking for the best noiseless air conditioner with a good dehumidifier? SHINCO SPF2 jumps to numbers spot for such purpose.

From build quality to remote control functionalities to hose attachments and assembly, it does the action without any excuses. However, the cord seems to be short, having a length around 3ft. In this way, you have to place your air conditioner where your plug socket and windows come together. Using 3rd party socket extension is not a good idea to adopt.


  • Weight: 46lbs
  • Wattage: 115V, 900W,
  • Filtration: Single Filter
  • Warranty: Not Mentioned
  • The noise level is not that Extreme
  • As a basic entry model, it comes with three modes of functionalities
  • The dehumidifier does a beast job.
  • The build quality is high-grade
  • It throws an annoying sound when turns on
  • The hose and the cord length is short

Why should one buy SHINCO SPF2 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner?

Commonly, very few budget models catch attention in this 8000 BTU category. These models maintain an optimum (not great but OKAY) noise level and bigger dehumidification per day limit. This model has blessed with both qualities. People who live in most humid areas and want a noiseless summer solution surely can pay an eye view to this machine.


2. Honeywell MO08CESWK Compact Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell has come with three famous sister series, which are MM, MN, and MO. This MO series is renowned for its sturdy and straightforward looking models. For this MO08CESWK model, higher models like 10k and 12k BTUs are also added as an option.

At the sound level, this model does an immaculate and clean job on fan settings. As the compressor and coolant agent kicks in, it becomes a little louder. Be at ease; for a small bedroom like 200Sqft, you can sleep well with this machine with a noise level between 50 to 53 dB. However, the extremely warm and humid conditions are the ultimate exceptions. Also, if you’re highly receptive to the noise, this might not be your type of thing.

Plenty of smart features has been made to its recipes like filter cleaning warning, continuous drainage, and smart touch controls. Cooling gets profoundly affected if the filters get bagged with dirt and debris. This model makes very sure with its filter cleaning warning alerts that the filter screen must be clean at the right time as cooling efficiency doesn’t fade away.

Meanwhile, this unit is a little bit pricey as compared to its competitors. With such a price tag, the built-in dehumidifier is not a crispy element. In most humid conditions, it just becomes able to do a 46pints/day with a continuous drain option. Admittedly, it’s an average as compared to out listing Shinco SPF2 8000 model. On a good note, this model goes very minute on electricity consumption, which could be done to the done situation if you are looking to save extra bucks on the billing side.

Eventually, at the performance side, the marketing coverage claim is about 250 to 350sqft. The 350 mark seems indigestible for such 8000 BTU unit. Only, it has been seen this unit does an admirable job for an area of 250sqft. With a 4-dimensional grill, let the airflow to reach every corner of the room, so it’s a trick to clampdown on the temperature in less time. On the other hand, the grill plastic seems a cheap plastic thing and gives extra sensitive touch feeling.

Usually, PACs do a poor job in the hosing section. Honeywell MO08CESWK model has got a hosing attachment locker which grips the hose firm, so it doesn’t leak any heat. The hosepipe seems well manufactured, but some users complain it radiates heat. Nonetheless, it only happens scenario to scenario.


  • Weight: 43lbs
  • Wattage: 900W, 115v, 6.3amps
  • Filtration: Dual Filtration
  • Warranty: Not Mentioned
  • The noise is not unpleasant to the ear; however, for larger rooms and most extreme weather conditions, it may produce fan noise.
  • Comes with a continuous drainage system
  • Remains easy on electricity consumption
  • The hose system is good
  • The handle design is suitable for useful portability purpose
  • The fan speed has just dual setting which is one of the reasons for its noise level
  • It quite expensive

Why should one buy Honeywell MO08CESWK Compact Portable Air Conditioner?

This model eventually performs quiet operation but at the cost of a high price tag. Luckily, this high price tag gives you multiple great features, majorly the low electricity bills. So, it’s worth to have this machine in your appliance squad. The reliability is also impressive – roll over into your storeroom when the summer season says bye to you and bring it back in next season with the same high performance.


3. SereneLife (Best 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner)

So exiting from 8000 BTU list and entering into 10000 BTU category, Serenelife 10000 model with built-in dehumidifier and heater has caught the eyes. This machine appears with a 4-in-1 operational model; fan, AC, dehumidifier, and heater.

Primarily, this Serenelife model comes with five different variants with the curve of BTUs count and heater option. This specific 10000 model with heater comprises 52 to 56 dB of sound, which is the lowest possible noise level in this 10k BTU category. In our case, this machine has done a quiet operation on low fan speed while on AC mode, it produces white noise. Typically, not like those cheap hotel ACs sound level, you can watch TV or can sleep with its maximum fan speed and noise level.

Many users claim it becomes loud-mouthed on AC mode with max speed. Then again, you still won’t find the possibilities of that typical annoying noise.

This SereneLife unit renders a strong case in the cooling and airflow section. The maximum coverage is about 350sqft, yet for space like bedrooms, dining rooms, guest rooms, or basement with an area of 300sqft, you can find this machine refrigerating your room most efficiently. Unfortunately, as far as it cools down your room, this unit tolls a bit on the electricity bill. Even so, this wouldn’t be an issue if you’re genuinely seeking your summers to go well without any heck.

Furthermore, the SereneLife machine yields a simplistic look with glossy touch controls on its head. The side handles, and rolling wheels beneath this cooling box makes it efficient on portability. The hose also looks sturdy, but you have to make a little compromise on the window kit.

The plastic window kit looks unfit for windows; thus, you have to use any other duct tape, third part clockers, or any other tricks to fix the things around.

The dehumidifier can pluck 1.5litres of water in most humid conditions. With such good class AC, there is no drainage tube for continuous drainage of water. You have to buy it aftermarket.

Momentarily, this unit also comes into your use in winters as a heater. Frosty weather outside and evening coffee moments with your partner, Serenelife with its 9000 BTU heating system, makes your cuddling session cozier.


  • Weight: 62.8lbs
  • Wattage: 1150W, 115V
  • Filtration: Single, Washable
  • Warranty: Not Mentioned
  • Throws a strong wind with the power 170cfm
  • The noise level is light on low fan speed; however, on the max mode, it doesn’t echo unpleasantly too.
  • The build quality is awesome
  • Cools down the room in less time
  • May slightly raise your electricity bills
  • The window kit does not have a proper fitting

Why should one buy SereneLife (Best 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner)?

This AC unit is for those who are literally finding an efficient, reliable cooling machine with less noise. While coming at cooling specs and features of this machine, inevitably, there is no question about its performance. Serenelife 10000 BTU unit is one of the most highly rated tools in the 10k race.


4. Ivation 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Are you looking for nice stylish stuff with excellent soundless performance? The Ivation 10000 BTU model holds your breath by its design and look. On the quiet or silent performance, it does what it is supposed to do. The noise level range between 55 to 60 dB, and it remains stick to these values. This machine efficiently cools down a 300sqft room, and to be very transparent; you shouldn’t expect much more than this.

Asking more from this range would be like false hopes. This IVAPAC10KBTU model has multiple productive modes of performance. Carrying sleep, dehumidifier, and AC modes with different fan speeds – versatility shines in this PAC.

One thing this model lacks is the self-evaporative feature; interestingly, it’s a lousy twist at its reputation. The humidifier digs 61pints of water in a whole day, but your luck would go down when you have to keep draining the machine after every couple of moments. Well, turning the things into a feasible zone, this machine beeps eight times as an alert of drainage.

The condensed water tank beneath this machine needs some extra care. You have to push this machine slightly upwards to make the water to leave this machine.

At the performance side, it won’t disappoint you at all as far as you are keeping its coverage range in mind. Be practical with your approach, and don’t use this machine in an extremely sunny room. This thing may struggle to meet your expectations. Moreover, the thermostat option has not made to its ingredient list. So, when you attain your desired temperature, this device keeps going on with the same fan and compressor speed. Unluckily, you have to retune your settings manually.

For a regular medium size room, it kicks out the heat as one banana task.

Keeping your investment in safe hands, this Ivation model says hello to an auto-restart function. As power outage knocks your door – this machine knows how to tackle the duties safely. It rests for 3 minutes and automatically restarts with the same settings.

The weight is a little high, but if the purpose is not about to shuffle this machine between multiple stories, the portability is an easy-peasy scene.


  • Weight: 63.6lbs
  • Wattage: 9.8Amp, 115V
  • Filtration: Single, Washable
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • A significant number of performance modes.
  • Maintains the mentioned noise levels
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Cools down the room within the optimum time
  • Lacks the thermostat option and self-evaporative feature

Why should one buy Ivation 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner?

This machine doesn’t do bluff on its mentioned specs, more precisely the noise level. The IVAPAC10KBTU unit performs a silent job while cooling down the room in less than 40 minutes. This PAC unit is an exquisite pick for medium size bedrooms, study rooms, and garages.


5. DELLA (Best 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner)

As technology revolutionizes our life, this Della PAC 12000 BTU unit does too. You may have seen people complaining about the big AC unit are louder. When it comes to this specific sound machine, the ratio to this accusation sees a downward spike.

In the 12000 BTU category, this is the model that hasn’t seen critics on the noise level domain. The unit produces a moderate sound on the low fan setting. Similarly, in high mode settings, it brilliantly knows its limit of max 56dB and remains calm. Except for the soft white noise, this model doesn’t throw any caution to your ears.

The unit comes with a 10000 version and a 14000 version with heater. However, this 12000 unit lacks the heater option, which is absolutely justifiable for such a price bracket.

Fans speed combines three settings; fan, AC, Dehumidifier. The dehumidifier unit is capable of 86pints/day with the self-evaporative feature. Conversely, in extremely humid weather, you may face a drain alert with drain indicator beeping. This Della model arrives with two holes for manually draining the condensed water. In many cases, the upper drain hole seems cloggy, while the lower one works fine.

The system is compatible with 400+ sqft area, and it handles this coverage responsibility quite nicely. Then again, extreme weathers and humid conditions are only exceptions. The description says about 550sqft, but to be very sure that what your machine is up-to, this can cool down the spaces from 400 to 450 square feet evenly.

A 24-hour timer facility is available which can fit around with your desired timings. Plus, a sleep mode is available in this model. Only if you are extra delicate to noise in a case, turn the sleep mode on, and it doesn’t disturb your sleep with its fan or compressor sound.

The portability seems complicated as this machine weights some extra pounds. Shuffling from floor to another might become a hassle. You’ll need stronger arms, energy, and stamina to lift this machine from floor to floor.

The hosing seems fine and a secure fit with windows. Though the carbon activated filters are missing. But then, there are dual washable filters that need to be checked every five weeks for better performance.


  • Weight: 73lbs
  • Wattage: 8.1Amp, 115V
  • Filtration: Dual Filters
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • It’s a low to moderate noise-producing machine
  • Incorporates R-410 Refrigerant
  • The model is economical as compared to its league competitors
  • The dehumidifier does a remarkable job
  • The system doesn’t seem bulky, but it weighs some extra pounds
  • Manual drainage of condensate water needs extra effort

Why should one buy DELLA (Best 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner)?

People who look bigger units with less noisy performance under 500 or 400 bucks – should regard this as a prime option. The system is a low-moderate Sonance level machine with extra features and excellent durability. Della comes in pearl white finish, which will always match or contrast with your home architecture and color scheme.


6. Honeywell HL12CESWB 12000 Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell is the signature of exceptional products, and specifically, this Contempo HL series truly defines the stylish and compact lineup of air conditioners. This specific 12000 model unit also comes in 10k and 14k models. When it comes to specifications and features, luckily, it comes in close and direct competition with our Della 12000 model.

Firstly the noise level, although Honeywell always produces the appliances with great care, this time it slightly lags with 55, 60, 65 dB of noise level on the low, medium, and high-speed fan, respectively. This model is a little loud, but if you are not “That” sensitive to ears, it shakes a right hand with your mood.

While coming to fan speed, dehumidifier pint counts, remote control, and such minor to essential features, things go parallel to its rival Della 12000 model. In Honeywell HL12CESWB, the timer settings have got a new 10Hrs timer for more flexibility and energy-saving. While, coming to safety, this specific model takes an edge with it’s over thermal protection- a mysterious smile by Honeywell to Della.

At the weight and portability scenarios, Honeywell also wins the race with less weight and much smooth maneuverable caster tires. However, the weightage of this machine is still a concern for multiple story shifting.

The cooling performance seems way conditional as it struggles in medium to large spaces. For 400Sqft, this thing is good at all, but then again, the extreme weather should be a point to ponder. This Honeywell machine comes with an extra-strong airflow of 231cfm.

The window kit installation is a bit lousy, and the hose (with a disappointing max 4’ length) doesn’t correctly fit around it. Such a crisis causes heat to radiate inside the room and raises the temperature. Additional zip lockers or duct tape can fix this situation. Sadly, having a competitor like Della and also carrying the brand name of Honeywell, this situation is eventually a weak point of this machine with such a price bracket.


  • Weight: 63lbs
  • Wattage: 1200Watt, 115V
  • Filtration: Dual Filtration, Washable
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • The whiff power is thick and flows to a maximum range
  • Engulfs an over thermal protection
  • It also comes with a new 10HR timer.
  • The design is compact and attractive while the body is made up of metal
  • Blessed with a thermostat feature
  • It’s a bit noisy in on its medium and high power settings
  • It’s a bit pricey package

Why should one buy Honeywell HL12CESWB 12000 Portable Air Conditioner?

Whenever Honeywell comes with a product, it ensures the user must enjoy flexible and unique features. The thermostat and over thermal protection are the best answers to enjoy peace of mind. Users who live in most humid areas can adopt this boy for their survival.


7. Friedrich PH14B (Best 14000 Portable Air Conditioner)

So you want to go extra big with AC units? On the utmost level, we have the 14000 BTU category. Friedrich PH14B has got our attention in this department.

The unit is big and bulky, no doubt. Consequently, if you are wandering for the smallest or lightest ac unit, this might not be the Golden Egg for you. Usually, as we move with the bigger motor and compressors, the size and weights of the machines also go parallel. Notwithstanding, this machine occupies some unusual weight, almost touching the 100lbs mark.

The noise level is moderate on low fan settings; it does an outstanding job. Plus, it doesn’t produce that disturbing sound to your ears. This machine does a 251 CFM of airflow mark, so it’s obvious the fan won’t remain that quiet.

This model comes with an additional ZoneAir heat pump, which is about 10700 BTU. This pump works as an additionally specified heater for a quick temperature rise.

The dehumidifier does an ingenious job with 5pints/hour making 120pints/day. This ability seems an exceptional mark for its performance, but practically this feature isn’t suitable for moderate or low humid areas. The central lack of this dehumidifier is, it lacks fan settings. Therefore, you have to compromise on only the given fan speed. This situation creates a mess by doing over-dehumidification and produces dryness to air. This climate change might cause cracks to the skin, such as lips, cheeks, etc.

Well, the thermostat, self-evaporative, remote, and all usual settings are there. One thing you’ll treasure in this model is the overflow protection. The system gets shut down when the condensate water tank gets filled, so you have to drain it — the system restarts with the same configuration. Then, in case of your absence, there is no chance of any leakage or drainage.

The unit piece is expensive, and with this high price, it quickly covers 500+ sqft range. The theory about coverage is around 700sqft, but assuming the things more practically – this 500 mark is a soft cooling range. The ERR of this machine is average, that means be ready for some extra bucks on the electricity bill.

Lastly, as a 14000 BTU unit, you will experience a quick temperature turn around in medium-size shaded or moderate sunny rooms with its two hose feature. Both the hose ducts and fittings seem handy and have a perfect click fit attachment to the windows kit. Further, the assembly is not rocket science for the non-technical owner.


  • Weight: 96lbs
  • Filtration: Dual Filtration
  • Wattage: 10.8Amp, 115v,
  • Warranty: 1 Year Labor, 5 Year Parts.
  • The airflow is a crunch component of this machine
  • Comes with dual filtration and dual hose
  • Provides bucket-less evaporation system
  • Cools down the rooms efficiently
  • The model is pricey
  • Dehumidifier is over-optimized
  • This machine is cumbersome

Why should one buy Friedrich PH14B (Best 14000 Portable Air Conditioner)?

This Friedrich PH14B model cools down a medium-big size room in less time with almost no audible noise. The humidifier is a thing that aggressively handles the normal – extreme humid conditions on a roll.


8. HomeLabs (Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner)

So proceeding in the best quietest portable air conditioner lane, HomeLabs 14000 BTU unit is at our review stall. HomeLabs has created this machine with some innovation.

Firstly, coming to our main talk, which is about the noise level. This big boy performs a Quiet operation ranging between 52 to 56 dB. Momentarily, it’s not “That” quiet as you are expecting. Due to its big compressor size, it generates some white noise on max fan speed. Fan-only mode obviously will have soundless working. Comparing to big competitors with the same power products, Homelabs may win the race on silent cooling performance.

This model from HomeLabs is not a reservoir packed machine. You have to face continuous drainage with a drainage tube that comes with the AC package. However, a waterproof tray acts like an overflow backup. The system as an alert shuts down when this tray gets full. Moreover, the dehumidifier is capable of posting a 4.2 pints/hour (100/day), that becomes beneficial in extreme moist weather.

This PAC system seems bulky, and many users find it cumbersome as it combines 73lbs of weight. Honestly, as a 14000 BTU machine, it’s pretty average, but you need more satisfaction? Let’s take a look at Friedrich PH14B model, which masses about 96lbs. In comparison to this model, this HomeLabs 14000 model looks much viable and light-weighted.

Take your sleep or rest hours to the next level; this AC unit has a unique ECO sleep mode. The fan makes less noise and raises the temperature a little bit. It remains compliant with a comfortable room environment and helps you to sleep like a baby.

For the portability point of view, the side handles might not impress one with their design approach. They seem slippery and digs into the fingers. As long as the shifting of AC is from room to another, caster wheels take the job with great ease.

Although the AC model comes with a single filter, a filter cleaning indicator has been added in the machine, which illuminates whenever the filter screen needs some bath. The company has set a 250 hours standard of AC service without cleaning of the filter. Despite, it entirely depends on the environment and season. If you live in a dusty and extreme humid area, the filter cleaning time may reduce due to excessive filtration of air and debris.

The Area around 450 to 600Sq has been marked as its performance and coverage area. On the contrary, assume it for working from 350 to 450Sqft as it has a strong case in this range. The 3-speed fan blows the strong wind and brings down the temperature in the shortest course of time.


  • Weight: 73lbs
  • Wattage: Not Mentioned
  • Filtration: Single
  • Warranty: 2 Years Limited
  • The system has a novel eco sleep mode.
  • The built quality is supreme
  • The machine does a pretty noiseless cooling
  • The hose is sturdy and doesn’t expel hot air.
  • The window kit is long as much as 26.5 inches. For smaller windows, it needs a cut.

Why should one buy HomeLabs (Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner)?

This system comes with a pretty decent reputation with no notable flaws or down points. The price also seems to be a reasonable demand for such 14000 BTU unit. People who look for a highly rated model in this14000 category, HomeLabs, might be a win for them.


9. Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14RD1 Portable Air Conditioner

Emerson launched this machine in 2018, and the market saw a new face of a quiet cooling apparatus in the shape of this EAPC14RD1 model in November 2018. Aesthetically, this machine satisfies your taste buds with its sleek and clean design.

At the noise level, 52 to 55db is the sound range, which most users love it. The fan-only mode of this model is the quietest mode among the same league models. However, many users claim the fan speed in the fan-only setting and compressor mode remains the same, which is quite a strange pattern. Overall, on a noiseless performance perspective, it could be another sound pick.

The model comes the digital control on the remote control. The dimly lit buttons are the demand when there is darkness in the room. You can’t see which button you are pressing on the remote control until you don’t learn the pattern of the buttons. However, the temperature screen on the control panel of the unit is highly luminous as it brightens the room.

The dehumidifier charges a 4.4pint/hour of condensate water in the bucket-less unit. Then, a continuous drain plug is available. To your notice, an auto-evaporative feature also comes with this Emerson model so you can enjoy a hassle-free cooling performance.

Coming to weigh area, it maintains around 68lbs of weight, which seems positively low as a 14000 BTU machine. Additionally, the handle design is practical, adding great affluence for its portability purpose.

The hose seems sturdy and flexible, but when it comes to the attachment to its windows kit, things slightly fails to impress the users. The exhaust tube seems finicky, and you’ll need some other ideas to fit it up tightly into the window kit.

This specific unit also comes in mostly below BTU versions yet; this model is supposed to cover 350-sq. Ft. This area doesn’t seem a marketing jargon and gives a total sense of practicality. Even for this area, the model does a quick and satisfying finish.

The 24-hour timer, sleep mode, three fan setting, etc., are the features which you’ll also find in this machine for better value to bucks.


  • Weight: 68lbs
  • Wattage: 1200Watt, 12Amp, 115V
  • Filtration: Single
  • Warranty: 1 Year Labor, 2 Year Parts, 5 Year Compressor
  • The unit has a sleek design and clean finish
  • The system seems relatively light weighted
  • Also offers relatively quiet operation
  • The customer service and warranty periods provide real support
  • The hose is not good at fitting to the windows kit
  • The remote control has not a good HCI

Why should one buy Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14RD1 Portable Air Conditioner?

The 14000 units usually come heavy weighted, as you may have seen in all the above models of this race. This electronic gadget not only comes with lighter weight but renders a great look to get fit in your household tech appliances. The quick and quiet cooling performance is the plus point.


10. DeLonghi 4-in-1 PACAN140HPEWS Portable Air Conditioner

While roaming around in the PAC world, you might have noticed that every unit lacks some features or green points. Specifically, if one unit has the beauty, then it lacks the performance. Likewise, if the dehumidifier section looks good, then it fails on the hose, etc. Anyway, this model is not only sturdy yet has elegance in style. Also, it has special noise-reducing features, which are the most primary concern of the users.

The fan, as like other models, do a quiet job – raising the fan speed will have a slight jumble to your ears. Things get tricky when the compressor receives a kick in AC units. The company sensed the pain point of the users and gave a dedicated feature for compressor noise reduction as “Whisper Cool.” Now this Whisper word termed as Noiseless.

With this feature, the company claims there will be a 50% compressor noise reduction. Factually, this seems to be a tall claim or marketing claptrap. Well, to be very transparent, this whisper cool features works and reduces the air echo, but it’s not that 50%. You can feel the change; still, don’t stick your expectation to the mentioned percentage number.

This model is also in the list of bucket-less and self-evaporative AC units. Fortuitously, the hose is sturdy and tightly fits into the windows kit so you can release yourself from the tension of its falling. But you can face a short length of hose.

AC models mostly have multi-dimensional airflow vents. With a state of surprise, the grill vent doesn’t have any movement, so you have to rotate the machine for a specific airflow direction.

The DeLonghi 4-in-1 PAC is a robust model that can be depicted through its weight. As we were moving in the 14000 categories and seeing much lighter models, this model weighs around 85 lbs.

If you have a sensitive nose or smelling power, the BIOSilver filter is the thing that will restrict any odors and chemical smell to reach your nostrils. This filter clampdown on the growth of mold and mildew on the screens.

The “Real Feel” is another new thing in this machine that helps the humidifier to maintain the room moisture and cooling level to an adequate level. While the compressor with fan quickly targets an area of 550sqft. Meanwhile, this AC is as same as other functional AC units when it comes to remote control, easy assembly, thermostat, etc.


  • Weight: 85.3lbs
  • Wattage: 14000, 115v
  • Specification: Dual Filtration
  • Warranty: 2 Years Labor, 4 Year Compressor
  • The whisper cool feature is a practical thing for soundless cooling performance
  • Biosilver feature helps to protect the environment for odors
  • The unit is well-designed and build
  • Real feel feature is also a plus point
  • The AC Grill vent is static
  • The PAC is relatively overpriced

Why should one buy DeLonghi 4-in-1 PACAN140HPEWS Portable Air Conditioner?

The fact is all AC units almost come with the same fan speeds, cooling modes, hosing, and remote control features. The distinction lies where a unique feature attracts the user. This unit has plenty of those crispy and distinctive elements which the average AC unit lacks. The whisper cool feature is a buying deal for people for most sensitive ears, while SilverBio option is for Big Nose guys.



Is a Portable Air Conditioner Noisy?

Some are noisy, while some not. It relatively depends on the model to model and Decibels rating.

How do I reduce the noise in my portable air conditioner?

Eliminating the AC is impossible; however, you can reduce it while placing your AC unit on Rugs or carpet. Doing this will impact the vibration of the compressor so that it will reduce the sound of AC as a whole.

Why is my portable air conditioner making a loud noise?

Many brutal factors could be the reason, the decibel ratings, Tough weather conditions, or most probably if your AC is an older version, so it might be it is using a Belt system, which usually makes noise.

What does a bad air compressor sound like?

It usually makes a hissing or bubbling sound.


The Bottom Line

It is the undeniable thing that the performance of an AC unit is not a static or obvious thing. Every home has a different condition and environment that make the working of PAC units way conditional and Dependent. When it comes to picking an AC unit that can perform relatively in most scenarios, let’s categorize our best quietest portable Air conditioners.

  • In 8000 BTU Category: Shinco SPF2
  • In 10000 BTU Category: SereneLife In 12000 BTU Category: Della 12000
  • In 14000 BTU Category: The Winner: Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14KRD1, Runner-Up: DeLonghi 4-in-1 PACAN140HPEWS

The reason to choose two models in 14000 they are relatively in a close call while keeping noise level in mind. Both models have some green and red flags, which can be adjusted further according to your choice, but ultimately these models furnish a soundless cooling job.

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