10 Best Smallest Portable Air Conditioner Units In 2020

It once heard that Air conditioners are not less than a blessing in summers. Ah, Man! It’s damn real; just ask a person who has spent the whole day under the scorching sun and then enters the air-conditioned chill room. It won’t be less than a celestial bliss. While the air conditions can be a human comfort in extremely warm, humid, and sweaty circumstances, they also snap your pocket hard and very hard when it comes to electricity billing. A penny for your thoughts, some best smallest portable air conditions are our menu today.

Undoubtedly, these portable air conditioners offer you much versatility in the sense of electricity consumption, portability, and cost. However, the built quality, security, and other features should be one concern before adopting a “Summer Toy” for your home. Below are some factors for choosing the best portable air conditioner. So, let’s see which way the wind is blowing;

Some Important Factors to Choose the Right Smallest Portable AC

When the weather changes and you decide to shop for a PAC (Portable Air Conditioner), believe me, it isn’t like walking in the park. There’s a lot of math to do to pet a suitable PAC for your room. Hold your horses, champ! Let’s observe all the possibilities and aftermaths of picking the best machine for you.

Size and Location of your Room

When it reaches to parameters of selecting the best portable windmill, the size of your room is the element that weighs a lot. Not even size, the location of the room does matter too. The matter of fact is if your room is more sunny or shady – you have to retune your preferences.

The dimensions of your room must be measured in terms of Square Feet. Take a measurement, and let’s watch out next, what other constituents you should note down along with this.

Power of AC unit

Keeping all technical claptrap aside to not make your mind swings with confusion, the power of portable air conditioners measures down in BTUs (British Thermal Units). Greater the number of BTUs, the higher will be the performance. These BTUs numbers are also directly proportional to the size of your room size. Big room needs a unit with the most BTUs army.

Well, what numbers of BTUs satisfies your room size and condition? The ENERGY STAR draws a helpful mapping to guide the users in choosing a PAC, which would be on the ball for the room conditions. Typically, 100Sqft space digest approximately 1800 BTUs.

Hosing and Energy Efficiency

The market is full of brands and AC models with low and high features. What you should look into your choice – hosing and filtration efficiency. Portable ACs feature single and dual hosing, which is a trick for better performance. The single-hose is the name of the sole way to suck-in and releasing of air, whereas the dual hosing features the separate dedicated ways of doing it. Dual Hosing ACs work way better than single-hose PAC as they maintain dedicated routes for a better and quick clampdown on temperature.

Well, breaking the ice with these factors, the ERR (Energy Efficient Ratio) is a term that is used to gauge the power efficiency of a specific unit. Remember, why you moved towards a portable air conditioner? Excessive electricity billing was one of the sanities, Sir! Always bring that PAC into your home tech appliances family, which has a higher ERR rate.

Safety Comes First

Mostly, portable air conditioners are prone to over-heating. Always look for a unit that has overheating protection and tip-over features, so you can use it in your baby’s or living room with throwing cautions to the wind.

Other Extra Features According to Your Choice

The Above are some serious considerations that you should look upon before progressing towards any decision. Additionally, to these points, some other constituents are also there, which should be looked at according to your mood, preferences, and needs. Factors like Pricing, noise levels, remotely use, auto swing, built-in humidifier, etc. should be noted down according to your sphere and choice.

Making a purchase decision without taking these points into your observation will make your budget go down in flames. Not only this, your summer season might become a perfect storm for you. There are top 10 best portable air conditioners below, which have been accumulated according to an ideal blend of these factors.


Best Smallest Portable Air Conditioner Units

1. BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner, 8,000 BTU

So Folks, starting our product listing with a very “Base” model, which is a Beast machine in 8k BTUs list. Well, you live in a small apartment, or your house consists of small rooms for your baby? Black + Decker BPACT08WT PAC fills “That” air conditioner spot with great features and lucrative performance.

Firstly, let’s make it very clear and transparent; this unit isn’t a “BIG” room or “Whole House” thing. Keep your expectations at that level, which it deserves. Undoubtedly, it’s an optimal solution for small rooms like 100 – 150Sqft.

Nevertheless, in some cases, it covers a more vast place, which is way conditional. For more significant coverage and features, higher BTUs version like 10000, 12000, and 14000 inherit the same charm of this model but with high power.

From the design perspective, it seems like the company planned it with straightforward and clear intent. You’ll not find colorful, glossy, and curvy design but a simplistic box-like container with an uncomplicated interface with not so much buttons control and remote control. With such a design model, the built quality is that WOW thing to enjoy. On the right front, the wind grill is mounted with swings in a vertical motion. The vital part is black + decker 8000 BTUs unit doesn’t render you the dual way motion grill (Vertical and Horizontal). Also, your face expression might go down as this motion grill is less sturdy and feels like it will break while in the assembly procedure.

Why don’t people favor window ACs? Have you ever thought of this? The short answer is they are “Power Parasites,” and the long answer is they are “noisy, ugly, and power parasites.” Now come to this best mini portable air conditioner – is it ugly? No. Is it that noisy? No way at all, my dear.

Yet, you have to note down this AC is the quietest device at fan mode, though if you turn it on full power mode with compressor, it might not meet your hopes. Also, the noise level depends on the compatible room temperature. From 18c to 35c, the noiseless AC experience (75dB) persist in this boundary.

Besides, this machine comes with a luminous LED on its head. Some people claim these LEDs shine extra in the night, so the whole gets brighten with its light – again, this is way conditional, and it depends on human nature.

With this unit, you will get a 4.11ft hose duck and windows kits. The hose looks well-built, but the insulation option is missing at hose attachment to the AC unit. The hosepipe seldom falls from the machine, which is somewhat a jumble to leave your couch again and again – install the hose and sit back.


  • Weight: 52.9lbs
  • Power Efficiency: 115volt, 950Watts, 9 Amps
  • Filtration: Single Slide-out Filter + Water Rinse-able
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • It offers noiseless, influential wind power and dehumidification (also works in humid situations)
  • The power consumption is low

  • Great for small bedrooms, guest rooms, and even small garages.

  • The assembly is easy and handy

  • Packed with sturdy tires for easy portability

  • Engulf auto-timer and sleep modes

  • The unit seems heavy, which might not be a child’s play to carry without its tires.
  • The hose doesn’t have proper insulation.

Why should one buy this?

Whether it comes to split ACs or windows electric ACs, many of the options are there that users don’t like, including power consumption or high electricity billing. Precisely, windows AC also echoes louder. To free yourself from such scenarios, this black + decker BPACTW08WT shines as an overall pick. This unit surely digests low wattages and remains pleasant to your ears.


2. Honeywell Contempo HL09CESWK 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Does your home amidst the ones where shuffling of AC unit from room to room happens? Honeywell Contempo series HL09CESWk is the handy model for this type of scenario. Things get a lot enjoyable here. Usually, the BTU numbers flow in EVEN hierarchy like 8k, 10k, 12k, etc. With this model of 9000 BTU power, it prevails between the competition of 8000 and 10000 BTUs model. Remarkably, this PAC unit carries so much responsibility on its shoulder, and the good thing is, it does well.

Honeywell has made this HL series with an exceptional finish, stylish designs, and outlandish performance. This series model is the standard package, but it aggregates all the superb performance, thermal overload protection, and transcendent design under its umbrella.

Consequently, This 9k BTU model comes with a glossy finish and in 3 assemble-able pieces; AC unit, Hose Pipe, and Window Hose Kit. The 4.11Ft hose comes with a click-fit attachment so you can have peace of mind at this level.

This machine has been introduced to deliver it’s services for the areas range between 300 – 400 Sqft. With such scope to consider, it has no problem to deal with these spaces. Except in case of more sunny rooms or offices, the performance turns to be “JUST OKAY.” As these particular performance parameters are regarded, this model has an edged cooling performance to its sister Honeywell MN series MN10CESWW model; sadly, it gets knocked down by its most close competitor Whynter ARC-08WB.

This machine has the skill of lowering down about 10F of temperature with a 60Min session. Admittedly, this isn’t that lousy performance with such a price bracket and league of competitors.

Factually, these types of ACs get developed with the purpose of portability, but users stare down performance over portability. This 9000 BTU carries a real sense of portability with its novel design. Forthwithtedly, portability doesn’t mean it’s the lightest entity among its community members. Though, this conversation is pointing the questions towards its design.

The HL09CESWK model great and sturdy molded-in handles on the side of machines. Although this machine weighs 64lbs, yet, with the help of these comfortable handles, you can turn this model into a “Briefcase” like style that can shift it from one room to another.

The sturdy caster tires are also there; simply, this handle-like approach allows you to carry this machine at stairs safely.

The head panel, which carries the control buttons, temperature display, and wind grill, has a black colored shiny and glossy plastic look. This head panel allows changing the speed of the fan with three different settings – fan, Compressor, and Humidifier (80 pints per day). With these three settings, this Honeywell model manages to produce the most voiceless performance at the rate of 57dB. Notwithstanding, on full power mode, it raises your electricity bill, which is evident as every machine does so. Then at mid-level fan power, it pounds many of its competitors in terms of energy efficiency.


  • Weight: 65lbs
  • Wattage: 880Watt Max, 115V
  • Filtration: Dual Clean
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • The unit is excellent at portability and maneuverability
  • It comes with a self-evaporative feature

  • The unit can get assembled with great ease

  • The price is reasonable for such powered unit

  • Comes with three functionalities, AC cooling, fan and humidifier

  • As the company claims it has noiseless performance, but some people don’t see it right claim
  • It’s not a suitable choice for too harsh weather.

Why should one buy this?

People who own a single story or two stories shaded properties, will find this product an optimal performing machine. As it just on the ball while walking from one room to another. Likewise, if you have laminate flooring and sensitive shiny grounds, this is the best-looking option for you.


3. Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, YPL3-10C

People usually look for 10k BTUs unit as the 8k model, which is one step lower to this standard; sometimes doesn’t get modified in their scenarios. It also a fact, moving to one level higher costs them a little bit. But not this time with this global air YPL-10C model.

In 10,000 BTU category, it’s one of the most efficient and durable PAC with the lowest price tag. If you are looking for some fancy stuff, then this unit might not entertain your purpose. So, it comes with simples looking design with impressive built quality.

The upper head panel comes with conventional button controls and digital temperature display. Merely a little below to this panel, yeah, right at the mounted wind grill, you can face a 4-dimensional air thrower single fan. With this 4-way vent feature, you perceive a maximum coverage area. This fan comes with a two-speed variation, which appears not an optimistic count with such a standard variant.

The Global air PAC targets the area between 300 to 400sqft. On the usually warm days, it sweeps out the temperature even from bigger rooms like falling off a log. However, in the most humid day, as it lacks dehumidify-only mode, its struggles and you have to remove the excess water from its reservoir periodically. The head panel blinks “FL” as a warning to drain the water manually. Contrarily, many users reported that it gets leaked. Furthermore, it can extract 46.5 pints of condensed water.

This model roars a little bit on full fan speed, although it looks like the company has sensed it well and given you a Sleep Mode to fix their marketing ego. For this Sleep Mode, this machine raises the temperature to 1c after every 2 hours, which is entirely justifiable as nights are colder than days.

The assembly is super smooth, and specifically, the hosing section seems sturdy with a plastic-like insulator around the Hose attachment section. Despite, the hose looks flimsy, and the model should come with a default vinyl hose pipe.


  • Weight: 34lbs
  • Wattage: 980watts, 150V
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • It comes with Smart Over-cold Features, so when the temperature gets lower, it restarts after a delay of 3 Minutes.
  • It can work for larger spaces is usually warm and dry weather.

  • Incorporates self-evaporative feature

  • A smooth and doodle assembly

  • Leaks sometimes in extremely humid conditions.
  • Becomes louder on power mode

Why should one buy this?

Accordingly, in the 10,000 BTUs unit race, this global air YPL3-10c model is the cheapest, sturdiest, and excellent working machine in light humid situations. People with the purpose of quality over fancy stuff can pick this one for a longer run. As long as extreme humidity wave doesn’t knock your door, this could be your ultimate savior.


4. LG LP1017WSR 115V Portable Air Conditioner, 10000 BTUs

Imagine, home tech appliance gossips are going on, and its impossible the Home Appliances Giant, LG, won’t become a part of the discussion. Hence, breaking the ice on how to choose a perfect smart portable Air conditioner, LG1017WSR, is another high-grade option in the 10000 BTU category. When it proceeds to built quality, design, and style, you can trust LG with blind eyes.

Though, as far as this model concerns, it comes with a bright white glossy finish. The company has smartly played with a specific model. Usually, the 10000 BTU units cover 300+ square feet areas. But with this model, it gives a frosty performance for the 250SqFt area. The performance at such area range is flawless, and additionally, it has also blessed with the dehumidifier feature. The dehumidification procedure can do a 60pints/day of the job with the self-evaporative feature, which is a deal-maker feature.

This LP series comes with 10k, 12k and 14k versions. The 14000 BTU version has also embedded with the WiFi option, but wistfully you’ll not find such a facility in this model. A remote controller also arrives with this AC unit with automatic functions on it like, timer settings, temperature highs/lows, and such other controls. One thing that doesn’t make sense with a remote control that it lacks LED lights. You struggle in the night as settings don’t get visible on the remote control screen. In simple words, such poor HCI can’t be expected with such a big reputation brand like LG.

Are you concerned about operating ranges? One thing which always remains desirable in such Air conditioner department is the Thermostat option. Very few mid-range PAC models get this option, but luckily you can take a sigh of relief when it comes to this unit. The temperature range is 60F to 88F with eco-friendly refrigeration and thermostat control. In such temperature ranges, this LG LP1017WSR model works like butter with a quiet 53db of fan speed.

Despite this, the “Noiseless” feature seems like theory as when the temperature rises, and it increases fan speed, your ears might come across with an annoying sound. Many users have also claimed such behavior of this particular model. It usually said that every cloud has a silver lining. The same is the case with this LP1017WSR model, as it will never disappoint on performance.

It also fulfills the purpose of convenient portability as side by side sturdy handles are mounted for a firmer grip. Also, the caster tires are unyielding enough to take control of this great machine.


  • Weight: 59.5lbs
  • Wattage: 115V, 1270Watt, 11.3 Amp
  • Compressor Type: Rotary
  • Warranty: 1 Year Labor and Parts
  • Throws a chilling performance
  • Comes with thermostat option

  • Superior build quality and clean design

  • The dehumidifier works very well with the self-evaporative feature.

  • The remote control range is high and long.

  • It generates noise on power mode.
  • The shipment package doesn’t come with safe and sturdy packaging, as in some cases, users complain about the

  • breakage of some components.

Why should one buy this?

The well-reputed brands always occupy “That” one feature, which other low profile brands don’t. Do you wish that cooling performance gets adjust automatically? LG gives it back to you with the thermostat option. Users who look for reliable performance in small bedrooms, dining rooms, and guest rooms; will find this machine as a “Must-Have” appliance for their house. Similarly, if you’re a fan of chic home appliances, it can be you two cents.


5. Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU Dual Hose

The main bad thing about low BTUs and single hose PACs is the performance – that is way contingent and uncertain. Do you remember what we talked about hosing in the factor of choosing a PAC? Let me remind you that Dual hosing air conditioners serve way better than single-hose AC units. So does this Whynter Elite ARC-122DS model. This unit became a popular hit after various updates from its previous version ARC-122DHP model.

The performance it carries is unmatchable for rooms like 400 to 450sqft. The reason behind this performance landmark is the double-hose structure. With such a hose option, it features separate and dedicated ways for air intake and exhaust, which enhances its capabilities. Daul-hosing can be set up with two ways to adjustable windows kits. Conversely, if you are in pretty things, this PAC with double hose pipes might not put a smile on your face.

Still, do you desire to fix the things to look good? Intelligently, it works as a single hose system if intake hose gets removed.

Furthermore, you can experience a tremendous noiseless (<52dB) cooling experience with such a big unit and compressor. Whynter Elite 122DS model finishes four modes of performance, Fan, Cooling AC, dehumidifier, and heater. In cooling mode, the thermostat takes control and automatically maintains cooling flow according to the room’s temperature. Moreover, due to its eco-friendly CFC free R-410A refrigerant and carbon fiber filters, your room environment remains free from any type of odor and smoke.

This Whynter Elite model has been marketed as a “Portable” Air Conditioner. Though things aren’t as good as they look, this thing is weighty and also doesn’t incorporate useful handling features. Thus at this portability level, it slightly misses the boat. However, if portability is not your biggest concern, then you will hold many bigger fishes to fry.

Well, you’ll experience 76 pints a day of condensed water, which can be treated through the self-evaporative feature. Nonetheless, in extreme humid days, you can face an auto and manual drainage. The water drainage ways are two upper and lower ports, which you can find at the back of this unit. Through these ports, you can attach a drain tube (16.5ft long), which will continuously remove the condensate material.


  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Wattage: 1000W, 115V, 9 Amps
  • Filtration: Single Activated Carbon Filter
  • Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
  • Provides an unambiguous cooling performance even in a humid season
  • The noise level is undoubtedly low and efficient

  • For this league of competitors, its energy-efficient and remains affordable at your monthly billing budget

  • Removes 6.75F of heat only in 20 minutes

  • Comes with multiple windows kits and exhausting equipment

  • Hold an expensive price tag.

  • Not good at portability sense.

Why should one buy this?

Double hosing systems always work dually, like eliminating the heat and cooling down the temperature. Thus, they always work efficiently than single hosing models. This model would be an impeccable stroke for a small server room, data centers, and small sunny rooms. The compressor of this model doesn’t produce an annoying sound so that you can keep it as good night buddy.


6. FRIGIDAIRE FFPA1222U1 Portable Remote Control, 12,000 BTU

Well, you are into fancy but reliable performance things? This Frigidaire FFPA1222U1 can satisfy aesthetic buds and performance expectations altogether. The company set a large area target of 550SqFt for this black beast. Accordingly, you have dining and bedroom together? It can deal with such situations as shooting a fish in a barrel.

Accurately, this thing cuts the mustard even in harsh humid conditions as it can pints almost 80pints of water per day. With such performance, you will have two modes of performance; cooling and dehumidifying. These settings can simply be tuned with three speeds of the fan.

The remote control carries several electronic functionalities, even though its control range is a bit low. You might have to come closer to the AC unit to control the PAC settings. But then you can give this lack the cold shoulder as it doesn’t look like a deal-breaker.

This frigidaire machine doesn’t give unpleasant feelings to your ears as with its maximum airspeed, 51dB of sound it produces. Noiseless, great dehumidifying and a classy look – seems like this unit doesn’t possess any no ifs and or buts.

This PAC model seems bulky in look, which may be a pinch to low space areas. However, it makes sense this 12000 model is an optimistic model for larger rooms and spaces. On the filtration and hosing scheme, you can find an anti-bacterial filter that combats odors and smokes. Meanwhile, the hosing section doesn’t seem up to the mark. The hose duct gets heated and radiates heat; therefore, you may require an extra aluminum foil to wrap around it so you won’t get an extra heating effect to your room.

Further, this model doesn’t get handy in the venting section. The windows kit is not optimal with windows size, and you have to cut it through. Many users also face difficulties at length of power cord and hose. For this reason, you may have to place this unit nearest to your windows.


  • Weight: 66lbs
  • Wattage: 115v, 9.5 Amps, 1150Watt
  • Filtration: Single Anti-bacterial Filter
  • Model Variation (BTUs): 8000 10000, 12000, 14000
  • Warranty: 1 Year/ 5 Year Sealed Warranty
  • A great tool of against extreme humid conditions
  • Comes with great design, well-built quality, and fancy look

  • Sustain a 10.5 ERR point which is a friendly rate for this league of PAC units

  • Cover larger areas with the lowest noise of 51db and also possess sleep mode

  • The hose duck is fragile and radiates heat
  • No EnergyStar certification

Why should one buy this?

Humid conditions are like there is a cloud on the horizon. Well, getting a PAC unit that can deal with humid conditions like stealing candy from a baby. The FRIGIDAIRE FFPA1222U1 handles such a situation with fabulous care and support. So, if your patience is falling off to such bitter weather conditions, this PAC unit is your boy.


7. Haier HPN12XCM Portable Air Conditioner, 12000-BTU

What forces people to buy portable air conditioners for residential purposes? Mostly, people live on rental apartments or flats where installing windows ACs or splits can be an ultimate heck. Additionally, you always have to plea your landlord or owner to allow you to vent AC for your survival in warmer weather. For such purposes where you are diminishing your cost of AC venting and fitting, this Haier HPN12XCM 12000 BTUs reaches into play arena. With the high 12000 BTU power and brand power of Haier, it cost way less than other AC units of this league.

This Haier model comforts your room temperature in an area of 400+ Sqft.

Factually, it works well, and literally, it does well. As a single hose unit, something you must note down that it lacks that “Quick” cooling. The reason that prevails behind it – Ding Ding! The single-hose feature. Imagine that after a long commuting session under the blistering sun, you turn it on and expect your PAC will turn around the things in a couple of minutes – wistfully, it isn’t that thing to expect.

This portable Air conditioner Unit comes with three speeds and modes of cooling performance. At low-speed mode, it can drop around 6.5F of temperature in 60 minutes, which is pretty average, but it saves your money in electricity billing – a cloud nine situation. In spite of this, at high-speed mode, one thing is unavoidable – it roars louder. Secondly, it becomes a “Power-Hungry” Machine.

In such an inexpensive price bracket, this Haier model is a perfect dehumidifier and heater as well. Though, it renders a “no leakage” feature while handling the condensate material with a self-evaporative option.

The remote control allows you to program 24Hr on/off timing. Plus, the head panel and remote control have the same design so you can become used to its setting without any trouble. Additionally, the look of AC is just what makes a difference as it gives a perfect attractive look with a combination of Grey and Black colors. Besides, the portability scene is good, although it weighs high. The four smooth caster wheels move this machine smoothly on bare, hardwood, and laminate floorings.

Lastly, this Haier HPN series never compromise on quality. You may have seen many PAC units with expensive tags, but they don’t sustain that reputation at hosing footprints. Notably, this machine is blessed with a sturdy but flexible hosing duck. Yet, you have to insulate it firmly, so no heat gets leaked and raise your room temperature.


  • Weight: 74.8 lbs
  • Wattage: 1050 Watts, 9.5 Amps, 115V
  • Filtration: Single, Permanent Mesh
  • Cord Length: 6Ft
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Remains light at pocket

  • It incorporates an excellent performance

  • Work as a dehumidifier and heater in such a price bracket.

  • Sadly, it’s a noisy air conditioner
  • Its slightly raises your electricity bill from minimum 10 to 20 bucks (depends on use)

Why should one buy this?

People who always look for “Quick Fit” things will not be getting entertained by this model. This model can cool down 550 sqft area, but performance suggests it can handle 350-400 like areas quite awesomely. Besides, it’s the machine suitable for not so warm weather but lever the extreme humidity with great ease.


8. EdgeStar AP12000S Portable Air Conditioner, 12000 BTUs

This brand is known for decades, especially for refrigeration and Air conditioning fields. When you comb for bread and butter in the portable air conditioner market, EdgeStar is the name that will pop out in every PAC lineup. Consequently, in our listing of 12000 BTUs, we have this super-duper EdgeStar AP12000s portable air conditioner.

Momentarily, making things not long and tedious, this unit furnishes all great features like excellent build quality, dehumidification with self-evaporative function, caster wheels, etc. As a single hose system, it beats many of its competitors with its accuracy and performance.

You know a single hose system struggles and works in conditional scenarios. This AP12000s model makes very sure your money worth it at all. It comes with a three-speed fan and retains four modes of working; Fan only, cooling, dehumidifier, heating.

The company has set a range of 300 to 425sqft of area for this big boy. Yet, apart from this claim, it works impressively for 300 to 350 square feet enclosed spaces. Above this limit, the performance may vary according to your room circumstances. So, let’s put all your expectations at this 350 mark.

While coming at dehumidification, it can be your good companion in intense humid weather with 78pints/day. Excessive drainage can be pulled out through a nozzle tube so it won’t become a mess for you. The hosing seems pretty fine still in most warm weather; the hose duck gets heated and works against the cooling of the room. You have to put extra insulation around it.

The design is yet neither fancy nor boring. In short, it maintains good decency with its stainless black color finish.

As an environment fanatic, you can trust this machine as it carries r-410 CFC free refrigeration with a pre-activated carbon filter. So, when it comes to odorless performance, edge star AP12000s wins the competition. Still, the maximum noise level seems not right as it is marketed. You may find it noisy with its high speed on hard weather. Yet, it’s not much noisy, which irritates your ears.


  • Weight: 69lbs
  • Wattage: 1200Watt, 115V, 10.8 Amps
  • Filtration: Dual, Pre Activated-Carbon Filter
  • Warranty: Not Mentioned
  • As a single Hose unit, it really works very well
  • Offers 24-hours timer and automatic restart

  • Handles the humid conditions very well

  • It doesn’t raise your electricity bill as mostly 12000 BTUs unit do.

  • It’s heavier and doesn’t get sound in shuffling from one floor to another, however, from room to
  • room, it has perky maneuverability.

  • It’s a bit pricey as a single hose unit.

Why should one buy this?

When humidity rises to its utmost level, and your old PAC leaves you stranded alone in the mid of summers. Edgestar AP12000s is the unit that covers the most dehumidification aspects. Also, if you don’t love the messy dual-hose units, this portable air conditioner awesomely competes with its capabilities.


9. Honeywell MM14CCS Portable Air Conditioner, 14000 BTUs:

When you get fed-up of trying every low BTU model, its time to go for big guns like this Honeywell MM14CCS model 14000 BTU unit. This model is an ideal fit for your aesthetic norms as it furnishes a stylish look and design. One of the most important things users love about this piece isn’t mounted with ugly looking hard press button controls.

The front shiny black forehead has nice feather-touch LED styled touch controls. These luminous LEDs controls supremely match with the design or shape of this honey well model. Additionally, this model has got grey colored temples, which make a winning contrast with the front black color.

On the coverage side, it has been made with a big responsibility to target areas from 550 to 700 Sqft. On the other hand, it seems like this PAC model slightly falls short to its target as it perfect device to cool down 500+ hall, rooms, or garages. This model is an exemplary thing for insulated ceilings and shady rooms, but for mostly warm and sunny rooms, it struggles a little bit.

The fan settings have got three conventional variations, and also there is a built-in dehumidifier that has a rate of 95pints/day – indeed, it’s a considerable amount of extraction.

At the hosing section, it quite a surprise that such a big power unit comes with a single hose option. Although there is no exception regarding hosing still, it’s not less than wonder here. The company claims, place the AC unit at an optimal 20-inch distance from the windows so the hose can do an extraordinary exhaust job.

The AC unit seems too bulky and weighty, which doesn’t look fit to shuffle from floors to floors. Yet, the size is surely justifiable with its power and compressor size. With all these specs, let’s not forget about dual filtration and, most importantly, the over thermal protection for your family safety.

With auto restart and timer settings – newly added 10Hrs sleep timer, Honeywell MM14CCS just has this Bingo smartness.


  • Weight: 74lbs
  • Wattage: 10.8 Amps, 115V, 1200W
  • Filtration: Single Washable Filters
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • This system is undoubtedly a powerful one in 14000 and single hose category
  • The design and touch controls are a treat for aesthetic lovers

  • The dehumidification performance is loveable

  • Doesn’t consume tons of Electricity units

  • The system according to its size and power is much quiet

  • The assembly is just like a duck soup

  • Comes with single hose option
  • It’s a bit pricey than its competitors

Why should one buy this?

Not everyone can afford or maintain a split or window AC. This Honeywell model helps you to kick the LOS Angles summer with its great dehumidifier and cooling performance. It can act as a “hungry bear” at high temperature, whether it’s your medium-sized office, bedroom, dining rooms, or basements.


10. Whynter ARC-14SH Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner, 14000 BTUs

People think that portable air conditioners are just clingy motor behind the cheap plastic container, which can only work for a few meters. Factually, the market is full of bad and good stuff. When it comes to that “Good” stuff, this Whynter ARC-14SH 14000 BTU unit has that crown.

Usually, a product always has a “unique” quality, which needs no introduction. Simply, the words fell short of describing that particular feature. This model has those multiple “hidden qualities.”

Firstly, the performance, as this is a tall and bulky 14000 unit (about 3ft), it won’t allow anyone to point fingers on its cooling performance. Covering an area of 500sqft, Whynter ARC-14SH comfortably cools the place in much less time.

However, watch out for noise level as you have to make some sacrifice at this spot. This Whynter PAC has been claimed to have 56dB of noise level, which is not optimal, contrary to its league competitors.

Secondly, it has the LCDI (Leakage Current Detector and Interrupter) feature, which is responsible for the unit and your safety in case of any short circuit and such sort of mishaps.

So, getting the top-notch performance and tightest safety in a single package is the best of both world situation.

This model is primarily a Cooling unit. For a fact, it consists of 4 modes; fan, cooling, dehumidifier, and heater. The built-in dehumidifier doesn’t bear overload and struggles a bit. Now, it doesn’t mean the dehumidification falls off in this model, but in more easy-peasy words, the “Spice” element is missing in this department.

The Whynter model is developed with the dual hose and filtration system. As we have praised the performance of this PAC unit, dual hosing is one of the reasons behind this success. In addition to this, this ARC series model gives a long-lasting reliable which enables you to utilize this machine from seasons to seasons.

Other features like auto-evaporative, great aesthetic design, r-410 CFC free refrigeration, etc. also enhance its pride to a maximum extent.


  • Weight: 88lbs
  • Wattage: 115V, 1200Watt,
  • Filtration: Dual, Pre Activated-Carbon Filter, washable
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Great sturdy machine with strong cooling performance
  • Well-built quality and glossy finish

  • Contains LCDI feature for safety

  • The hosing and drainage system work like a charm

  • The dehumidifier lack some top performance
  • It’s noisy and louder

Why should one buy this?

People who don’t get satisfied and change the appliances very often due to No Compliance to their expectations must try this thing. It big and bulky and needs more space but never disappoints on cooling performance. Also, if you are a safety and security fanatic, it can satisfy your taste buds.


Q1: Is Portable AC good?

It depends on your search, and it varies from models to models which you choose. The market is full of Goods and Bluffs.

Q2: Do portable air conditioners use a lot of electricity?

Factually, it again depends on the model to model, size, power of PAC, and other factors. However, they usually consume less than windows and split air conditioners.

Q3: Will a portable AC save me money?

Just in case if you choose the right one according to your need and purpose.

Q4: What is the best portable air conditioner on the market?

Indeed, there are many. Each unit has its value and specs. Anyway, these top 10 listed models have maximum reach and versatility.

Q5: How long does a portable AC last? 

Many factors influence this thought. Manufacturer, your way of use, your room conditions, and build quality are some reasons to determine the life of portable AC.


The Bottom Line – Conclusion

The Air conditioner market, whether its window, split or portable – is highly volatile and unobvious. One model that works for your reasons might not work for another person’s purpose. That’s why sometimes a good machine gets low and negative reviews as it doesn’t get picked for the right reasons and purposes. Let’s simplify this “Algebra” or race of getting the best smallest portable air conditioner, a PAC that will not leave your hand in scorching summers and humid conditions. So purposely filling this blank spaces, below is the categorization of Air conditioners

In 8000 BTUs Range:

Small Unit with Good Performance: BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner

In 10000 BTUs Range:

Small Unit with Good Performance: LG LP1017WSR

Noiseless Performance: Global Air YLC-10C

In 12000 BTUs Range:

Small Unit with Good and Noiseless Performance: Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

High DeHumidification: Edgestar AP12000s

In 14000 BTUs Range:  

Stable Performance: Whynter ARC-14SH

The mentioned items are fitted into the most common categories and purposes. Still, you may locate the best of the best unit according to your target.

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